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Buckinghamshire Culture approached the University with a competition brief to create a design for their new brand identity. Working alongside another Graphic Design student, Caitlin, the submission was presented to the panel of judges including John and Francis Sorrell.
Following this, the opportunity was provided to develop the idea further into the final logo (as seen above). This formed the basis of the final logo now in use. Here is the process from the original submission, to the final logo design.


Before forming the final logo as shown above, a brand identity was presented to the panel. This included a logo, colour palette alongside primary and secondary typography displayed in collateral such as posters and clothing items.

The logo uses the typeface Filson Pro in bold and light, to represent the contrast and variety within Buckinghamshire. The playful flicks in the k and renders likeness to the hills and vast countryside, specifically, the Chilterns.
Screenshot 2021-04-07 at 14.09.07.png
Screenshot 2021-10-21 at 23.02.20.png
The colour palette was chosen to reflect the professional side of the organisation. bringing in the red from the Buckinghamshire flag helped bring the identities together, allowing them to sit well alongside each other.
Added playfulness into the designs by changing the direction of the type, taking some of it off the banner and onto the wall it's displayed on.

To see more work from Caitlin, click the link to her website:


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