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This project was created in response to an ISTD typographic brief called Biophilia. The project outcome is a typographic booklet created for London commuters to inspire and teach them about the benefits of biophilia to their health and well-being and to reconnect them with nature.
The booklet uses an indirect experience with nature to encourage a direct one. The idea is that each month a new edition is released, with a specific focus related to the topic of biophilia in London.
crumpled paper KDC.jpg
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On the reverse side of the leaflet is an infographic map of a small area of london. The map shows the user where they can go to practice grounding, in relation to the train and tube stations in the area. 
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hese typefaces were chosen as they represent aspects of nature. Bookmania features twists and turns like growing plants and new life, while Frunchy resembles more mature, aging nature such as tree branches.

The typographic design throughout the leaflet mirrors natural shapes to create an indirect biophilic experience. Using natural paper enhances the biophilic experience for the user. In addition, all the colours were taken from photographs of natural environments.
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