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Following research into Positive Psychology, it was established that there was a lack of awareness on it in young people. The solution was to create a brand with the focus of helping people become aware of what positive psychology is and how to incorporate it into everyday life.

YOU PHORIA  is a positivity festival, reaching out to help the audience improve their day to day lives through fun and engaging methods. The festival not only provides feel-good entertainment, but there is also a positively reinforced meaning behind everything they do. It exists to help the audience achieve a higher level of well-being in their day to day lives.

crumpled paper KDC.jpg
The font for this logo was chosen for it's playful flick in the R, portraying a friendly brand personality to the audience. The curved shape in Positivity Festival represents a smile to enhance the playful and friendly feel.
crumpled paper KDC.jpg
Using colour psychology, orange and turquoise were chosen as the primary colours. To enhance the bright and joyful theme, three secondary colours have been used throughout the brand's visuals. The brand pattern took inspiration from shapes within the playful typeface used for the festival's logo.
crumpled paper KDC.jpg
An example of using the shapes in the visual identity can be seen here. This gratitude wall was designed encourage festival goers to engage in the positive psychology intervention gratitude. Each shape was assigned to an intervention to help visually differentiate between them.

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